Monday, November 23, 2009

Secret Adventure

Today I begin my secret adventure! I'm only sharing it with one special and lucky girl, Katie. On April 30th, the day of graduation, this blog will no longer be a secret adventure. I will share my secret with my close friends and family. They will be able to access this blog and read about all my adventures, thoughts, dreams, etc.. from the end of my LAST fall semester and spring semester in Nursing School.

I had a dream...
Last night I took the NCLEX (1st NCLEX dream, yikes!). I was not in a cubical as promised. I was in a room full of my talkative classmates and teachers. I sat down on a couch with my computer and began taking the test with no peace and quiet. After question 13 I took my one and only break. The break was frustrating b/c all I could think about was how the testing environment was less than ideal. As I got to the doors to re-enter the awful testing environment, I started bawling and having thoughts of, "there is no way I can pass this test with these annoying people talking around me." Sat down and started back up. I ended up getting irritated and expressing the feeling. My classmates and the Director of Nursing yelled at me and told me to get over it. I was on question 130 and knew I was going to have to take all 275 questions... and the dream ended... I hope these NCLEX dreams get a little better. I'd take an unlimited amount of cupcakes while taking the NCLEX over talking people any day!

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