Monday, August 30, 2010


"Blonde Moments" is just more fitting. I am a natural blonde (dreading the mousey brownish blonde color that awaits me). I love to laugh but a majority of the time I spend laughing is over something that is completely thoughtless, stupid, FUNNY, and random. I can get myself into some of the most random situations that make even me say "really Amy?!?!"(like the time I spent $100 dollars on gas at Sam's Club and created a gasoline lake all b/c I was talking on the phone to a boy, stupid boys). And... sometimes I'm a little on the immature side (like when I'm on the phone w/ a foreign Dr, can't understand what she's trying to tell me, try to clarify and be mature, but instead I start laughing and have to remove the phone from my face... grow up!) I can be smart and intelligent when I choose to be. I am sensitive. I cherish my friends, family, and health. I love a good chick flick and love story. Shopping for bargains is a favorite hobby. And so on and so forth... I'm blonde and I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Multicultural Day

A hispanic mom told me (in spanish) that my arms were pale and hairy while petting me. Sweet lady, just stating the facts. I laughed, tried to clarify, then she ended up laughing at me, ha!

I was amazing and motivated by a sign language communicating lady today. The newest word in my sign language vocabulary is "you're welcome."

Goodnight bloggers!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Strange Things are Happenin' Here

I get a call on my hospital phone, "this is Amy."
"Yes, my ______ just bit a hole in____ IV tubing."
"What?.... Ok, i'll be in there in a minute."
I walk down the hall expecting the bed to be wet and expect to change the IV tubing and bed sheets.
All my expectations were fulfilled except the IV fluid was blood. There was blood everywhere. I walked in and turned right back around to get the neccassary items to fix this strange happening. Really, who bits a hole in their IV tubing. You can fill in the blanks due to HIPPA. Only a cute little ______, hyped up on steroids and albuterol running on 3 hrs of sleep in the past 48 hrs. Man this patient was a cutie and _____ mom was the most patient woman. I want to have her patience one day! In the mom's defense, she was ordering dinner and this patient was waaaay ornery, sneaky, and fast. Moral to the story, next time you have an IV, keep it out of your mouth no matter how tempting the though of rubber tubing between your teeth might seem. I enjoy ending my day w/ these kinds of stories.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End of Summer Days

Bailey came to visit and B took us to the infamous Pho.

Snow cones w/ work friends and pup. The corner of Broadway and 2nd has the best snowcones.

B's first and long over due trip to Pops.

Our drinks. Sorry B for getting you Diet on your first experience.  Looks like we better go back tomorrow.

Table decoration/strawberry ball I made for soon-to-be Mrs. Kari Boyd's wedding shower. The idea is a keeper, simple, and takes 30-40 min to construct.

Celebrating the Smith's 22nd wedding anniversary on the Oklahoma River cruise. It was alot of fun and beautiful. Thank you Smith's for being an example to me!

The "cruise was very peaceful and showed the beautiful parts of the Oklahoma city area. Everything is still green! This pic is one of my favorites b/c of the trolley on the bridge. 

That's all for now. NYC here is come. Watch the Today Show on Friday. That's the only reason i'm going to the wonderful city and I want you to see me and sister sarah on TV. YAY! Later gaters.