Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Whirlwind

I love my job. The reason for today is, if I plan my schedule right and maintain wonderful co-workers, I can do EVERYTHING I want to do when it comes to my personal life. 

Within the last month, I was able to work a full schedule and still have time to:
* Have Thanksgiving with my family + B.
* Enjoy the day after Thanksgiving due to low census at the hospital
* Conquer the stomach virus.
* Put up and decorate 14 trees for a dear friend. Needless to say, my house did not get decorated.
* Shop for good deals on the presents I wanted to buy, this takes time people!
* Spend my mom's birthday with her in Duncan.
* Get all the gifts I gave wrapped and delivered before 12/15. And put bows on all the family presents for my dear friend that has the 14 trees. 
* Take a trip to PA w/ B for 5 days. It was snowing for B's birthday when we landed, celebrated Jacoby Christmas, shopped, relaxed, ate, talked, laughed, it was fun.
* Spend Christmas Day in Duncan with my family.

And still to come:
*Next week my family + B and - Jenny will be going on a spontaneous (planned and booked within the last 5 days) ski trip to Breckenridge, CO. 

And that is why I am loving my job TODAY! The flexibility of my job has taught me SPONTANEITY. I may be busy at times but it's a wonderful feeling knowing the things I'm busy with, i've chosen. There's no one telling me when I will be study or testing and me having to plan around that. What I wonderful feeling!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Time Debates

1. Kindle or Nook?

2. Stick to the Christmas list or not while shopping for the loved ones?

3. Go ahead and pick out every outfit for the next two weeks  since it's going to be non-stop from 12/12-12/27? Wrapping and shopping will be done by 12/12.

4. How long can I go w/o doing laundry (normal & work clothes)?

5. Puppy chow or fun Christmas cookies?

6. Pro-duct-ivity vs. Christmas movies, cute pj's, and a hot drink?

7. What in the world do I get the soon-to-be mother? Baby-related goodness vs. enjoy the last Christmas when the world can still revolve around her?

So much debate, so little time. Give me your input on any or all the above debate. Hope you're enjoying the season, getting lots checked off the listS, and staying away from the upper respiratory junk/stomach nastiness.