Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Morning 56 Degrees

Last night before I left for church I noticed that my thermostat, usually set at 70, read 67. When I got home from church 3 hrs later it read 64.  The heater is DEAD!  It has sounded bad for about a week and a half and now it's passed from this home.

Not terribly cold during the day but the night is cold. 

~I decided to be a diva one Christmas and asked for a space heater. 

~I have a small square for a room that the space heater can keep warm just fine.

~My twin bed keeps me nice a cozy with 4 blankets and 3 pillows.

Happy Thursday! Bundle up out there... or in here!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wal-Mart Lady

Wal-Mart lady: The question of the day. What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen?"

Me: "Uhhhh... Hmmmm... I've seen some very amazing things in the past 23 1/2 years." (My head was filled with beautiful scenes of mountains, European sites, the country side, historical land marks. Then it jumped to people giving their lives to God, children healing that "didn't have a chance," watching people live their last moments, a loving Godly family, a mom giving birth with a wet-eyed, pale husband by her side, holding her hand... now I can't stop thinking of amazing things i've seen.)

Me: "Do you always have a question of the week?" (trying the buy some time deciding about the MOST amazing thing)

WL: "Yes, I try to. My goal is to come up with a question that has endless answers"

Me: "I think the most amazing thing i've ever seen is when I was in Colorado. It has just snowed a lot. I was at tree line. It was only me and my brother around. No one had touched the snow. It was beautiful. That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

(Yeah, that was amazing but I failed to tell her the most amazing part of it. I felt like I was truly in God's Country. I felt so close to God during that moment. I saw his power and majesty. That's what made that experience so amazing.)

"What about you? What's the most amazing things you've ever experienced?"

WL: "One time I was at the Yukon Rodeo...." and " One time at the zoo..."

Lessons learned from WL:
~ Appreciate the small things in life and figure out why they are AMAZING. When WL said her two "amazing" experiences I couldn't help but think, "Man, you need to get out more!" How rude of me! She sees life differently than me because of her life experiences. It's cool that she sees amazing things in her experiences. It would be easier to hear everyone's amazing experiences and for her to convince herself that her experiences are no longer amazing. I like that girl!

~ Some days you might not like your job but figure out something you can do to enjoy the moment God has given you.

~ Amy, don't be afraid to incorporate God into your reasoning. He is our creator and Father. Be proud!

What AMAZING things have you seen in your life? How about today? 

Monday, February 15, 2010


Get it? Ketchup/catch-up? HAHAHA. Laugh. I did. Out loud. Maybe even by myself.

Ok, let's play a game of catch-up:

The puzzle is dominating my/my understanding house friend's living room. I'm ready for a clean living room to walk into but i'm also anticipating the finished product of the endless-possibilities-shoe puzzle. Do I take the risk of destroying what's done to move it into the other room or just keep letting it dominate the living room? It's going to be a decorator's dream center piece of many rooms when it's done.

On to more important things (more important b/c it's concerning people and people are most important).

~Last week my younger sister entered her last teenage year (19)

~B and I celebrated 2 yrs of laughing, learning, and growing (cheesy but true)

~The Affair of the Heart came to town

~Got to have fun with my nursing girls instead of study with my nursing girls

~The Olympics started

~Flat Tire Burger date with KB & CB. B was my date.

~Valentine's Day was celebrated with some yummy sushi, green tea ice cream, a cute "love bug" card, hanging out on the couch, and a gift card to buy nursing scrubs. I realized that in about 2 months my closet will no longer be filled with what I think are cute clothes. They will be filled with tons of outfits that everyone else has the same style, brand, color, and pattern. I am going to have to figure out some way to be unique because i'm not into looking like everyone else much less wearing comfy scrubs all day and eventually feeling like a slob. I like being comfy but I also enjoy dressing up.
Ok, enough negative about the scrubs. Positive:  I will not longer spend half of my "getting ready process" putting on, taking off, switching tops, switching bottoms, maybe this will look better, and it does! Yea!
But... sometimes I spy nurses that look adorable in their scrubs. Reason being, they have a body. They are not made of skin, bones, a little muscles, a smile, and a big heart. Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my body for anything but I would like my future wardrobe to look decent on me instead of turning me into a rag doll.

I am looking forward to scrub shopping and I have already informed B that I want him to come with me. He acted like there was no other option. He'll tell me the truth and if he doesn't, I will be able to see that it doesn't look like there are legs in the scrub pants I'll have on.

Life wouldn't be wonderful without those I love by my side. Don't waste moments with those closest to you with nothingness, grab hold of those moments, find a good memory to be made, and make it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Virtues of a Puzzle

I finished my first round of my last semester of nursing school and I am one tired blonde. Today consisted of taking a critical care test that I felt was way over my head but ended up passing, sitting through research class listening to disrespectful people argue with the director of nursing (not a good idea), going to chapel to see my seeeester, buying something fabulous, class, and Katie's birthday lunch with Katie, Ashley, and Erin at HIDEAWAY (yummy) where I got to fill my belly with BBQ Chicken Pizza (YUMMY)!

After days of studying, one must have a small break.  My break will be filled with this:

Understand that I do NOT do puzzles. My family is always doing a puzzle. I attempted the puzzle for 1 minute, become impatient, and move on to bigger and better things.
This puzzle caught my eye in Hallmark about a month ago and I can't stop thinking about the endless possibilities. Glue it together, black or brown chunky frame, bedroom center piece, bathroom, future little girls room... ooo, la, la! It's classic.
I've worked on the puzzle for 20 minutes now and all these shoes are dancing around in my head, creating beautifully decorated rooms. The time will come where I want to give up but I will refuse. That's when the virtue of patience will be instilled in me. I lack patience. I get frustrated.  Very easily. Very fast. But I want patience and I will have patience after completing this puzzle of a hard and advanced difficulty level... ooo, la, la!