Monday, February 15, 2010


Get it? Ketchup/catch-up? HAHAHA. Laugh. I did. Out loud. Maybe even by myself.

Ok, let's play a game of catch-up:

The puzzle is dominating my/my understanding house friend's living room. I'm ready for a clean living room to walk into but i'm also anticipating the finished product of the endless-possibilities-shoe puzzle. Do I take the risk of destroying what's done to move it into the other room or just keep letting it dominate the living room? It's going to be a decorator's dream center piece of many rooms when it's done.

On to more important things (more important b/c it's concerning people and people are most important).

~Last week my younger sister entered her last teenage year (19)

~B and I celebrated 2 yrs of laughing, learning, and growing (cheesy but true)

~The Affair of the Heart came to town

~Got to have fun with my nursing girls instead of study with my nursing girls

~The Olympics started

~Flat Tire Burger date with KB & CB. B was my date.

~Valentine's Day was celebrated with some yummy sushi, green tea ice cream, a cute "love bug" card, hanging out on the couch, and a gift card to buy nursing scrubs. I realized that in about 2 months my closet will no longer be filled with what I think are cute clothes. They will be filled with tons of outfits that everyone else has the same style, brand, color, and pattern. I am going to have to figure out some way to be unique because i'm not into looking like everyone else much less wearing comfy scrubs all day and eventually feeling like a slob. I like being comfy but I also enjoy dressing up.
Ok, enough negative about the scrubs. Positive:  I will not longer spend half of my "getting ready process" putting on, taking off, switching tops, switching bottoms, maybe this will look better, and it does! Yea!
But... sometimes I spy nurses that look adorable in their scrubs. Reason being, they have a body. They are not made of skin, bones, a little muscles, a smile, and a big heart. Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my body for anything but I would like my future wardrobe to look decent on me instead of turning me into a rag doll.

I am looking forward to scrub shopping and I have already informed B that I want him to come with me. He acted like there was no other option. He'll tell me the truth and if he doesn't, I will be able to see that it doesn't look like there are legs in the scrub pants I'll have on.

Life wouldn't be wonderful without those I love by my side. Don't waste moments with those closest to you with nothingness, grab hold of those moments, find a good memory to be made, and make it.

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