Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Virtues of a Puzzle

I finished my first round of my last semester of nursing school and I am one tired blonde. Today consisted of taking a critical care test that I felt was way over my head but ended up passing, sitting through research class listening to disrespectful people argue with the director of nursing (not a good idea), going to chapel to see my seeeester, buying something fabulous, class, and Katie's birthday lunch with Katie, Ashley, and Erin at HIDEAWAY (yummy) where I got to fill my belly with BBQ Chicken Pizza (YUMMY)!

After days of studying, one must have a small break.  My break will be filled with this:

Understand that I do NOT do puzzles. My family is always doing a puzzle. I attempted the puzzle for 1 minute, become impatient, and move on to bigger and better things.
This puzzle caught my eye in Hallmark about a month ago and I can't stop thinking about the endless possibilities. Glue it together, black or brown chunky frame, bedroom center piece, bathroom, future little girls room... ooo, la, la! It's classic.
I've worked on the puzzle for 20 minutes now and all these shoes are dancing around in my head, creating beautifully decorated rooms. The time will come where I want to give up but I will refuse. That's when the virtue of patience will be instilled in me. I lack patience. I get frustrated.  Very easily. Very fast. But I want patience and I will have patience after completing this puzzle of a hard and advanced difficulty level... ooo, la, la!

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