Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Whirlwind

I love my job. The reason for today is, if I plan my schedule right and maintain wonderful co-workers, I can do EVERYTHING I want to do when it comes to my personal life. 

Within the last month, I was able to work a full schedule and still have time to:
* Have Thanksgiving with my family + B.
* Enjoy the day after Thanksgiving due to low census at the hospital
* Conquer the stomach virus.
* Put up and decorate 14 trees for a dear friend. Needless to say, my house did not get decorated.
* Shop for good deals on the presents I wanted to buy, this takes time people!
* Spend my mom's birthday with her in Duncan.
* Get all the gifts I gave wrapped and delivered before 12/15. And put bows on all the family presents for my dear friend that has the 14 trees. 
* Take a trip to PA w/ B for 5 days. It was snowing for B's birthday when we landed, celebrated Jacoby Christmas, shopped, relaxed, ate, talked, laughed, it was fun.
* Spend Christmas Day in Duncan with my family.

And still to come:
*Next week my family + B and - Jenny will be going on a spontaneous (planned and booked within the last 5 days) ski trip to Breckenridge, CO. 

And that is why I am loving my job TODAY! The flexibility of my job has taught me SPONTANEITY. I may be busy at times but it's a wonderful feeling knowing the things I'm busy with, i've chosen. There's no one telling me when I will be study or testing and me having to plan around that. What I wonderful feeling!


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  1. Yes, take advantage of the flexibility of your job. My motto is to do all these fun things now...while I'm young and not a mom.