Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End of Summer Days

Bailey came to visit and B took us to the infamous Pho.

Snow cones w/ work friends and pup. The corner of Broadway and 2nd has the best snowcones.

B's first and long over due trip to Pops.

Our drinks. Sorry B for getting you Diet on your first experience.  Looks like we better go back tomorrow.

Table decoration/strawberry ball I made for soon-to-be Mrs. Kari Boyd's wedding shower. The idea is a keeper, simple, and takes 30-40 min to construct.

Celebrating the Smith's 22nd wedding anniversary on the Oklahoma River cruise. It was alot of fun and beautiful. Thank you Smith's for being an example to me!

The "cruise was very peaceful and showed the beautiful parts of the Oklahoma city area. Everything is still green! This pic is one of my favorites b/c of the trolley on the bridge. 

That's all for now. NYC here is come. Watch the Today Show on Friday. That's the only reason i'm going to the wonderful city and I want you to see me and sister sarah on TV. YAY! Later gaters. 


  1. I love the strawberry tree!!! So cute!

  2. Please post directions on the strawberry ball. Thanks!