Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bAbY and PoPcoRN

Colt helped keep my mind off the mess my house was becoming while B, Sar, and Charles conquered their fear and scrapped the too-tall-for-Amy-to-scrape ceilings. My family is the best!

Pardon my progress: my house is a mess. I have good intentions of conquering a huge list of tasks every day only to realize that I can do half of it in the time God gives me in one day... this is a daily occurrence. I had a wonderful idea to get that nasty popcorn off the ceilings, "Now this is something I can definitely get done in a couple of weeks, popcorn and texturing can't be too hard". 3 weeks, tears, 20 ft scaffolding, tears, white hair, white snot, a HUGE mess, and a wonderful family later, the ceilings are scraped and NOT textured. I will now hire someone to texture and love every second of it! Let me know if you need me to talk to you out of conquering the world by remodeling your ceilings... THAT i CAN do!!!

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