Friday, December 18, 2009

2 1/2 hrs

Anxious to get to my Christmas decorated and full of love home in Duncan, I was on the phone scheming some Christmas plans with brother. With my eyes focused on the final destination ahead, I took a second to observe my right and left when I realize I was passing right over my exit for HOME! Ugggg, am I the only one that has "adventures" like this? I managed to laughed knowing that I just added another hour to my trip. Brother got me on the right track to the wonderful town of Lawton and told me to "screw my head on". Ha! Instead of thinking, "Seriously Amy?!?! Again?" (Yes, i've done it before but that time I was in deep thought.), I focused on the surrounding God-given landscape. It's flat, brown, dead, and beautiful. The Oklahoma kind of beautiful. Cows living their lives (have you ever wondered what goes through a cows head on a daily basis?), peaceful waters, and "mountains" in the horizon. I had a realization that in the midst of what appears ugly and no good, God has placed wonderful blessings at the tip of my nose waiting for me to stop looking past it in worry and is begging me to discover his creation. What curve balls has God placed in your day to help you see the simple?

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