Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I Like About December


Senior Fall Nursing Semester COMPLETE!

Apple Cider made with apple juice and red hots (warms my insides)

Driving around and getting caught up in the Christmas lights

Lots of blankets on my bed

Learning how to cook and decorate from my mom

The energy of children

Dreaming of the day of dressing up a house in garland, red ornaments, lights, and candles

Home Alone 1 & 2

Mom being older than Dad for 1 week

Dad catching up to mom's age after that week

Fun coats

Planning and celebrating Brian's birthday

Wonderful food (pumpkin roll, honey-cured ham, cream corn, rollies, pecan pie, 1 tiny bit of cranberry salad, green salad... yum!)

Shopping days and laughing at the crazies out there

Christmas PJ's


Changing my mind a million times trying to figure out the perfect gifts to give

Watching my breath in the cold

Eating ice cream in a warm car while looking at the sparkling lights

Christmas music

Odd and delicious flavors of candy canes

Cute warm hats and scarfs

A specific set of big arms that give big hugs
(these are year around thank goodness)

Holidays courtesies such as "you were in line before me" and free holiday food samples at the mall and Sam's Club

Purchasing the perfect gift that was originally $84 for $6 after credit card us and coupons

etc, etc, etc...

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