Friday, January 15, 2010

Last first week of school, check!

After finishing my last first week of school, I'm tired.


Monday- my brave nursing class practiced starting IV's on each other. I got stuck with no blood return. Ash, you stuck with confidence, good job and sorry my vein got shy! I stuck with blood return but the catheter got kinked in the vein. Katie suffers from a lingering major bruise measuring about 4 inches in length and 1.2 inches in width. Katie, sorry but thank you! Pictures to come.

Tuesday- first day of ICU clinical. Wonderful experience. A day FULL of learning life lessons along with nursing skills. Didn't feel like the first day. Was able to assist a family in letting their mother/daughter/wife/best friend leave this world. STORY: I was giving my patient morning meds through a "tummy tube". As I was using all my muscle to push the thick substance into my patient, the force I was putting into it made the tube separate from the medicine giving device and the orange mixture sprayed EVERY WHERE. My nice and patient nurse taught me how to not ever do that again.

Wednesday- successfully got bombarded with assignments and endless reading leaving me only one option after class: a nap. Research is going to call for an extra level of understanding which I don't currently own. Thank goodness I'm in a good research group!

Thursday- endless reading which I didn't understand.

Friday- 1 class on my level of comprehension and the other way over my head (research). Success with my group on Part 1 of our research paper... until we get feedback from the Fly Master.

Right now, I look forward to a night eating gourmet food at McDonald's (who doesn't love clogging the big A's... arteries... every once in a while!?!?!), exchanging christmas gifts at the mall (who doesn't love picking out the perfect fitting shirt with someone else's money?!?!), and book-looking at B&N (who doesn't love skimming expensive books w/o spending money then buying them on for $1 ?!?!) with B (who doesn't love a best friend by your side to enjoy the simple things in life!?!?!). Motto for TONIGHT: live life inexpensively.

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