Monday, March 22, 2010

39 Days

... until I graduate.
We had to take these pictures for our nursing composite picture so I will be able to remember my whole nursing class forever and ever. 
Picture #1... not too bad. Gray, maroon, and white are not my colors. 
Picture #2... I got scared. I had high hopes for this pictures b/c it's the only time in my life I will put the Florence  Nightingale hat on my head. 

It seems like ever month becoming a nurse becomes more real to me.
Today was my first day of leadership clinical. God was watching over me when I was assigned to the children's hospital that I work at, on my floor I already work on, and to a preceptor (nurse) that knows how to teach.

During my leadership rotation I am to work my assigned preceptor's shifts for up to 90 hrs. My preceptor is suppose to let me do everything under her supervision. Since I have worked on this floor for the past 2 years, I was already familiar with how things go down. My preceptors and I clicked. She explained everything to me without making me feel dumb (a worry of mine). I never thought twice about any of the questions I asked and my preceptor never made me feel stupid which is saying a lot b/c I'm sure I came up with a bag full of stupid simple questions. For the first time, I could really see myself taking care of patients and being competent... what a wonderful feeling. God's blessings were huge today. I got to assess, chart, poke, feed, clean up, laugh, wonder, give meds, console, and be thankful today. 

During spring break last week, I got a call from one of the girls I give credit to helping me pass nursing school thus far. She told me that she and another on of the girls I give credit to got jobs working at the same place and same floor I will be after graduation! Hello! EXCITING! I get to carry my nursing school friends into my career. 

Wednesday I get attempt numero uno to pass the OC Nursing exit exam. To make a long story short, less than 10 people in the past 2 years have passed on the first try and I have studied and gone over practice ?'s 24+ hrs over the past week. It would be nice to pass so I can check it off my list.

God has a plan for my life and right now, I see that plan working out in front of my eyes.

God has a plan for your life too. No matter what stage you're in. How is He working out His plan in your life?

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  1. I am so excited for you! You will be an amazing nurse!