Friday, March 5, 2010

Dirty Dancing vs. Brian & Amy

No, we didn't have a dance off. I can't dance. Brian and I took the picture on the left August '08 during Jacoby Family Vaca in North Carolina. Today while working on some assignments, Dirty Dancing was playing in the background and I just happen to look up when the scene dipicted on the right flashed across the screen. Uhhh! That WAS our original trick.

A few observations:
1. Jennifer Grey is more graceful than me.
2. Jennifer Gray is more modest than me.
3. Patrick Swayze has nothing on Brian.
4. One day I will to do this trick in a pretty place like it was done in Dirty Dancing.
5. I wonder what Patrick Swayze's face looks like... Brian looks like I might be on the verge of hefer-ish.
6. Jennifer Grey looks a little terrified while I sport the nervously excited smile.

I like the comparison.  

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