Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After being MIA for over a month, I am successfully making the transition from being in school for 19 out of 23 years of my life into being a woman with hobbies, a full-time job, a very patient and supportive boyfriend, a license that scares me to death if I think about too hard, and family and friends that i'm rediscovering the value of.

I know what i've always wanted to have time to do but what will I actually do now that I have the time?
Cook at least 3 well-rounded meals a week? Bake lots of goodies? Dig deep into the Word on a regular basis? Work on my sewing skills? Fix up my newly inherited bakers rack, table, and chairs? Clean on a regular basis? RUN? Recreate muscle? Learn to golf? Keep my finger nails painted? The possibilities are endless.

Full-time Job:
I am working at the Children's Hospital and L-O-V-E it. I've never understood the real concept of a job b/c my jobs have always been here and there and nothing permanent. I've also never wanted a job where I "have to go to work". Well, I now have a permanent job that I will work 3 days a week which includes every-other-weekend, 12 hr days. Not excited about working Sundays but it will due for now.
Now for the big new: GOD IS SO GOOD! I've always wanted to be a nurse. There were times in nursing school where that dream became very cloudy but God provided and here I am today. I was as prepared as you can be to work night shift... that's what most new nurses have to do. I would get to work with my 2 best friends from nursing school, get to go to church at least once every Sunday, more money...that's it. Due to the amount of new nurses on nights, I needed to be put on days! Woohoo! I'm working days and can sleep every night. It's bitter/sweet but mostly sweet.

Boyfriend B:
Our days together have been wonderful and memorable. They've been spent going, doing, discovering, and... me studying.
No more of this B (unless this is what we decide to do):
All of this:

B's been supportive, encouraging, and patient. He snapped me back into it (nursing) when i was totally out of it. Now I can really focus on what God wants me and us to be.

RN (a license that scares me to death):

I spent 3 weeks studying for boards. It was the most focused i've ever been. Hurst Review became my best friend. I would get frustrated when I didn't understand and happy/annoyed when I laid in bed reading the pages in my head. 

Boards made me nervous. I took 260 question in a little over 5 hrs. The test was stupid. I was prepared to retake it again and be proud. But...

I passed and have that giant behind me... on with LIFE!

R-N scares me to death b/c now I have proven my self responsible for other people's lives. Stink, no more sitting back and using the excuse "this is my first time, show me". I have learned and have SO MUCH MORE to learn but when it comes to finding an old lady passed out in the mall, it's my responsibility to take care of her. No this hasn't happened to me yet and hopefully never will for the person's sake. It's an honor to be able to take care of someone in a vulnerable time of need but it frightens me a little. What is not a little scary about taking care of someone's child, love of their life, that is sick, scared, and hurting. Forget about me, I will allow God to take care of those I come in contact by using my hands an my words. Knowing that God is doing the "taking care of" takes away the fright and gives me confidence. Thank you God for knowing how to heal! Here WE go.

Values of Family and Friends:
I am relearning how to enjoy dinner and fun outings with family and friends w/o the anxiety of "I should be studying". Thank you to those that have been patient through my school journey and still want to be in my life after I haven't pulled my weight in the friendship. Being a friend again, here I come. 

If you haven't noticed, there is life after 19 straight years of school and it's being rediscovered. 



  1. this blog is really touching! it actually made me cry. (that might be all the prego hormones running through my body) i remember graduating college with those degrees in hand... bittersweet. i know God has great plans for you! you are gonna make a great nurse and i am so proud to call you friend! i hope my nurse is as wonderful as you. :)

  2. Great Grandma! Friend! Fellow Ghammo Rho Sister! You are so beautiful and I am so glad things are going well for you! It's so nice to hear the transition after graduating college isn't so bad...my transition is coming up very quickly! I know you will go so far in your career! Keep that boy of yours in line and maybe we can get some of the Brown family members together this summer for lunch! Love
    Lindsey White

  3. I love you Amy Jo! I am so, so proud of you and your hard work and dedication in everything you do! I'm so excited for you with your new job and your new "normal" life! Love you so much... let's have dinner soon... just the two of us! :)