Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rule # 1

Don't argue w/ patients about non-health related issues.

Me: "I have your afternoon antibiotics. Can I see your arm? What are watching?"

Patient: "Alien vs Predator"

Me: "Oh, i've never seen this before. Tell me about it."

Patient: On and on saying thinks i've never heard of

Me: Agree and asking tons of questions to seem interested.

Me: "So since the two are combined then that makes the most awesome creature. He could destroy and conquer anything?!?!"

Patient: rolling eyes and letting out a huge breath of exasperation, "No, who are you nurses up here... it's like you all crawled out from under a rock and don't know anything. This creature is VERY BAD, he could kill all of us on earth."

Me: "Ohhh, thank you for telling me but I didn't just crawl out from under a rock. Alien movies just aren't my thing. Would you like me to tell you about some good chick flicks?

Patient: "Who watches chick flicks?!?!" roll of eye, condescending attitude... "everyone knows about Alien vs Predator."

Me: "Well...Call my phone if your pump starts beeping before I come in again."


  1. Hahaha. I would have said the same things I am sure.

  2. haha I love this! Why don't you know about Alien vs. Predator Amy? All the good nurses do :)