Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bringing Me Smiles

After my mini vaca at the hospital and his Man Trip to Utah, i'm enjoying being in the same town less than 2 miles apart. Loves our Hide Away date last night when we shut the place down.

$1.50 from Forever 21. These are small treasures to help spice up scrubs. They add a little flare w/o being too obnoxious (at least that's what I think!)
This candle brings me comfort, makes my nose happy, and makes my  white room whiter.
Happy 20th Birthday precious sister. In our teenage years we were different. We fought. When I became a woman you were still watching Barney. When you became a woman, I taught you. I liked boys. You didn't know they existed. You didn't understand my tears and tended to get annoyed with me. You couldn't relate in my exciting times.
Now that we are both in our 20's, we are becoming more and more alike. So much that we can trick people into thinking we are twins. We still fight... about clothes... much more fun. We can go on girl dates and talk. We can relate about boys, friends, joys, troubles. We ask each other's opinion and it actually matters now.
I can't wait to see what our 30's, 40's, and whatever comes after that looks like. Hopefully it will look a lot like 2 sisters we love and know very well, Mom and Aunt Pat.

   My snowy front door. I could get used to this sight.


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