Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear lady at the gym who appears to be definitely over 65,

It's risky to wear only a sports bra to work out in, but it's not good for you or anyone else's health for you to wear only your WHITE sports bra-like garment to work out. You have a good body for an individual that has a few years under her belt. You lift more arm weight than ever may lift. Your skin is a beautiful tan color but it's not tight anymore and that's ok. I hear gravity starts to take a toll on the body after 40. I have accepted that and hope you will soon. Again, you have a good body for your age. In fact, I wouldn't mind having your body at that age but please keep the essentials covered. Please start by wearing a colored, padded bra. Thank you for setting a good example for me-I want to be strong like you at some point in time.

Looking forward to seeing you all covered up,

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