Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call me...

Chef Amy.  Really I am no chef at all, but I do cook for a family every week. I enjoy their beautiful kitchen that has ceiling to floor windows that overlook a pond with a fountain. I enjoy cooking for this precious family and daydreaming the whole 4-5 hrs a week. I'll post pictures of the place where I dream about life soon.

This precious family has 3 kids. I try to do a combo of kid and adult food. Alfredo Lasagna is the only thing that hasn't gone over well with the kiddos. You win some and you loose some...especially with kids. Did I mention that I have babysat these kiddos for 3 yrs. So I love them and care about what goes in their little bodies.

This weeks menu:
* Meat Loaf  (i'm not a meat loaf fan but this is GOOD)
* Chicken and Cheese Roll ups (1 can cream of mushroom soup, some milk, cut up chicken, and   chedder cheese rolled up in cresent rolls)
* Taco meat
* Frozen fruit cups for breakfast/snacks

This week I decided to hide cauliflour in the roll-ups.
1. I've never made or tasted these roll-ups. They were recommended by Ashley R.
2. I've never read or tried the "deceptivly delicious" way of cooking.
3. I didn't tell.
4. How would you feel if your personally chef was hiding healthy things in your dinners and not telling you?
5. I snatched a roll-up for myself and it was DELICIOUS. Thanks for the idea Ash!

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  1. I have another way of hiding healthy food from kids, but this is cause my hubby hates veggies. I make him brownies but i mix in baby food. I learned this from a friend who learned it at a "how to get your kids healthy" thing. you can do squash or spinanch or carrots. seriously the brownies cover it right up! its amazing!