Monday, October 11, 2010

You know it's a good day when...

Sundays are hard days to go to work. I know i'm missing out on being with my big family worshipping God together. Sundays take an extra measure of "umph" and they, for the most part, end up being the best days of work.

You know it's a good day when...

*you knock on a patient's door and walk in to find 6 people surrounding the bed saying amen and unclasping hands with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.

*the little people that make you smile no matter what, REALLY make you smile that day.

*you can laugh with your friends about THE DUMBEST stuff that has ever come out of anyone's mouth.

*pizza and a good talk leave you going to bed with a smile in your heart and a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful day and all the blessings.

Hope you had a great 10/10/10!

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